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FALL 2021

Fall 2021 Important Season Links

All Reports are due within 24 hrs of end game
Updated 8/16/19 Regular Season and END of Season
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Updating 7/21
Playoff Brackets will be generated based on the standings after 11/22
Updating 7/21

(Will be Posted in Nov)

FVBSA Snack Bar Duty for Fall 2021 

Please Read the new policy and Sign up Via the link at the End

IMPORTANT Sign Up Early!

There are plenty of Shifts to accomodate all however the later the season gets the less slots available so DO NOT DELAY if the end of the season comes and all slots are booked your check will be cashed!

Snack Bar Requirement is per player, not per family. This means if a family has three players within the league, they will be required to volunteer 3 times throughout the season.  There are no exemptions from snack bar duty, unless you opted to buyout and paid the fee prior to Sept 1st.

Steps to Sign Up:

  • Sign up for a Signup Genius account to assist with reminders. This will require first name, last name, and most frequently used email address.

  • When you select your sign up date and time, Sign Up Genius will ask for the volunteer’s full name, your child’s Name Division/Team and if you would like your check returned or shredded. Please fill these out completely to ensure your check is processed correctly. 

  • If someone other than yourself is filling the Slot please enter the Name of the Person physically showing up in the appropriate spot:


  • Sending someone to work in your place without proper notice, may result in the forfeiture of your deposit should your replacement fail to be at least 18 years of age or fail to complete shift responsibilities.  Volunteers will be required to follow all food safety requirements, snack bar procedures.

  • Teens 14-18 years old may work a shift on behalf of your family, however we cannot have more than 2 who are under 18 work at the same time. If you are using a teenager you must sign up for a slot that is approved for a teen replacement. Any worker under the age of 18 MUST be approved by the snack bar director PRIOR to the shift being scheduled. Any non approved teen will be deleted.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your shift and ready to work your shift – reminders will be sent out via Signup Genius.  If you are working a shift, absolutely no children are allowed to enter the snack bar area. Hair must be tied back/wearing a hat and must be wearing closed-toed shoes.

  • Each shift is 2 hours, however if you are “closing” please stay until the last game ends to assist the Board Member on Duty with security issues and to walk up to the parking lot as a group.

  • If modifications to a shift need to be made, you must do so within 72 hours of the selected shift. You must notify FVSnackBar@fvbsa.org as to the change or for assistance finding a replacement. If you are unable to find a replacement within the given time frame, your $100 check will be deposited. 



  • Teens Workers will need to fill out the TEEN VOLUNTEER FORM and be approved 5 days prior to working. 

  • TEEN VOLUNTEER FORM- Send this link to your Teen 

  • Teen Volunteers don’t forget to enter your time in and time out in the binder kept in the Snack Bar. This is our tracking log for all of your volunteer hours in the Snack Bar!

REMINDER: During the registration process, each parent agreed to a $100 Check deposit in regards to their snack bar duty.  Each parent wrote a check that will be held onto until their snack bar duty is fulfilled. This check WILL NOT be deposited unless the parent does not fulfill their requirements.  After their shift is fulfilled, the check will be shredded, or if requested ahead of time, can be returned to the parent. This policy does not not apply to parents who elected to utilize the buy out option.  Buy out is also per player, not per family. The option to buy out closed on 9/3/19. 

Thank you for being a part of FVBSA for the Fall 2019 Season. We look forward to a great season of baseball and softball for our players, coaches, and families.

For Assistance finding emergency replacements please email FVSnackbar@Fvbsa.org

OPENS 9/10/21 at 9AM